Accelerated Reader

Accelerated Reader is an extra reading program being implemented by many of the teachers and students here at Moreno.  We currently are on "AR Enterprise" which means we have access to all of the available tests through a yearly subscription.  AR Enterprise is a web page set up just for Moreno students.  This means you can test with your students at home, if you go to the web page below:

Here are some tips to make your testing easier.

  • You must always read and understand an AR book before you test.  Testing on a book you have not read does not help you to become a better reader.

  • You should read a book more than once.

  • You should read books that are on your reading level.  Books that are too hard and too easy will not help you to become a better reader.

  • Enjoy your reading.  Reading should be for fun, and not for points or charms.