Guidance and Counseling

 Welcome to Paul Moreno Elementary Home of the Dolphins


The counseling department at Paul Moreno Elementary has one counselor, Liz Carillo-Mota.  Individual and small group counseling sessions are available.  Guidance classes are also available on our campus.  Mrs. Mota can also assist parents with concerns and problems.  Mrs. Mota can be contacted at 832-6650.

In addition, Mrs. Mota is also in charge of the following activities:

  • College Day
  • Career Fair
  • Red Ribbon Week
  • Anti-Bully Week


GT Testing

Please make sure on the day of the text that your child

  • is physically and mentally prepared to take the test(s) (is in good health).
  • gets a good night's sleep.
  • eats a well-balanced breakfast in the morning.
  • knows that he/she should ask questions to the test administrator if something is not clear.
  • understands the importance of doing his/her best on the test(s).


Entiendo qye debo asegurar que el día del examen mi hijo(a)

  • estará fisica y mentalmente preparado(a) para tomar el exámen 0 exámenes.
  • haya dormido bien la noche anterior.
  • haya almorzado bien en la mañana.
  • sepa que le podrá hacer preguntas al administrador del exámen si hay algo que no entienda.
  • entienda la importancia de que él/ella haga lo mejor que pueda en el examen.


Red Ribbon Week

Monday - October 28
9:00 - First graders will attend the EPISD canine presentation in the cafeteria.

Tuesday - October 29
9:00 - Third graders will attend emergency services presentation in the cafeteria.

Wednesday - October 30
1:00 - PK and Kinder will attend fire department presentation in the cafeteria.

Thursday - October 31
9:00 - Second graders will attend ICE presentation in the cafeteria.
1:00 - Red Ribbon Rally with Armendariz Drumline.
           (Don't forget to make a banner, individual posters, or noisemakers.
3:15 - Red Ribbon essays are due.

Friday - November 1
Don't forget the poster/door decorating contest.
4:00 - Please attend Paul Moreno Elementary's Fall Carnival.